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About Intelligenie

Powered by BIRST, Intelligenie is disruptive to traditional business intelligence approach in terms of its value and cost. We pair Birst’s cloud-based technology with our deep experience in data warehousing and Analytics to deliver business value to our customers

What is Intelligenie

Intelligenie is a BI solution framework that speeds up the deployment of full service BI leveraging Birst. We overlay our prod-uct roadmap over the Birst roadmap and add components to take Birst to the next level We make BI a lot easier to do with minimal intervention from IT by taking the complexity out with our technology. Some key features include:

  • Configurable presentation layer that can be customized for each role
  • Sophisticated business mapper –Automated Data Mapper
  • Granular level of customization for each user
  • Integration with mapping software (Bing, Google, ESRI)
  • Built in integration for engagement management

Automated Data Mapper

IntelliGenie provides a unique framework to build connectivity to any type of business system and big data along with automated mapping technology. IntelliGenie provides pre-built industry specific data models for analytics that can be automatically mapped to the operational application or data sources. The guided mapping interface comes handy when 100% match is not found, thus improving the delivered ETL capability of Birst out of the box. Appli-cation connector is a unique offering which can be very easily ex-tended to any applications built via industry leading development standards and frameworks.

Automating Repetitive Processes using RPA

Applying Robotic Process Automation to automate repetitive processes that doesn’t require human intervention and allows employees to configure software robots for capturing and interpreting the existing applications for completing the employee on-boarding processes, generating pay-rolls, taxation, data-manipulation as well communicating with other digital systems.

Robots can be configured to different types of software applications includes Desktop based, browser based, Mainframe or any other legacy applications using advanced techniques such as OCR for image recognition and integrating third party applications like CyberArk for credential management.

Robots can be run as attended or unattended depending on the nature of process and the only difference between unattended and attended robots is attended robots require human intervention and configured on User’s Desktop whereas unattended robots don’t require any human intervention and configured on Virtual Machines or dedicated workstations.

Birst Partners

“Nebula is looking to built an ecosystem with other Birst partners for the distribution, implementation and support of Intelligenie to provide more value to Birst customers”

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